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The Lighter Side Of Design

The Lighter Side Of Design

We are excited to be featured on Design Middle East, the premiere design magazine in the region. The article goes into considerable detail regarding the latest technologies, synergistic blending of lighting and interior design as well as the budget and timing aspects of a major project. With the advent of LED and automation technology, there is greater flexibility in convenience, design and form factor, lifetime value as well as energy savings.

Mr. Kush Suneja, Business and Design Development Manager at Murano Lighting explains in the article as follows:

“We are mostly working solely with LED technology, which results in 95% energy saving. We offer a range of innovations such as contractor-friendly clean recessed lighting profile installation, needle thin narrow beam luminaires, remote control adjustable track lights, step lights with built-in motion and photo detectors. ”

Some of the major projects associated with the brand is that of Gevora Hotel, The Address Fountain View at Downtown, Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Marriot Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and Ritz Carlton in Abu Dhabi. The challenging part! One of the key pain points for most lighting suppliers is to meet budget constraint while adhering to strict design and specifications at the highest level.