Murano Lighting Solutions | DIMC Boat Storage Project
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DIMC Boat Storage Project

DIMC Boat Storage Project

Consultant: Hyder
Contractor: Khansaheb
Supplier: Murano Lighting
Installation: Murano Lighting


The DIMC boat storage is an architectural spectacle to behold caressing the shores of Dubai Marina. The stunning facade is made from customized Aluminum cladding that bend in an undulating fashion mimicking the waves of the ocean. At night, when the facade is lit by customized Murano LED rigid strip, it is a beautiful juxtaposition of modern architecture complementing the enchanting Arabian gulf.


This was by far, one of the most challenging outdoor installations undertaken by Murano Lighting. The project requirement consisted of over 3 km of rigid LED strips designed to survive in the harsh Dubai summers. We proposed an ultra-thin rigid strip .5 inch in width encased in an Aluminum profile with opal diffuser for a smooth lighting effect, filled with silicone to provide perfect water-proofing.

We wanted to ensure that the client gets the flawless lighting effect of smooth waves on the ocean. In order to fulfill the effect, we planned a mock-up on the actual building.

As seen in the picture, the facade has a complicated design. Technically, the facade faces can be divided into 4 types by gap between the front face and back plate.

Depending on the facade type, we experimented with different installation measurements until we found the one giving the best lighting effect. The perfect location was chosen on the basis of the LED strip highlighting the entire face of the facade in a perfectly diffused manner avoiding hot-spots.

The tolerances between the front and back plate were very small (3-5 inches) making mechanical fixing using drilling difficult. Therefore, the fixing was done with the help of industry-grade 3M adhesive tape.

Murano Lighting completed the project on-time within 4 weeks with the help of 10 industrious and skillful electricians including testing and final commissioning.